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Rechargeable Batteries

Rechargeable Batteriesへ

With the rechargeable batteries business expected to continue growing in the future, Futaba Chemical is proactively proposing a range of battery materials (components). In not only the lithium-ion batteries business but also the energy business, we will continue to work together with our customers to design and develop new products, thereby contributing to the realization of a clean society.

Rechargeable Batteries

Electronic Materials

Electronic Materials

Futaba Chemical supplies a range of related components—including films for use in liquid crystal polarization plates, dye materials, and adhesives used for sticking components together—to manufacturers in Korea, China, and other countries. We also sell polarization film for use in sunglasses both domestically and internationally.

Electronic Materials

Chemical Products

Chemical Products
  • Water Purification

    Water Purification

    To facilitate effective use of precious water resources, Futaba Chemical proposes optimum solutions for water quality issues.

  • Air Purification

    Air Purification

    In order to contribute to environmental protection, Futaba Chemical is also deeply involved in the business related to air purification.

  • Food-related


    In the fields of food and drink —which humans need in order to live—Futaba Chemical supplies various materials.

  • Pet Care

    Pet Care

    Through the sale of pet-care-related products, we are contributing to the realization of a society where people are able to lead spiritually enriched lives.

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