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Electronic Materials Business

Liquid Crystal (LC) Materials

Liquid crystal panels are the main display devices used in TVs, smartphones, computers, vehicle navigation systems, and wearable terminals.
Futaba Chemical supplies a range of related components—including films for use in liquid crystal polarization plates, dye materials, and adhesives used for sticking components together—to manufacturers in Korea, China, and other countries.
We also sell polarization film for use in sunglasses both domestically and internationally.

Electronic Parts Materials

Electronic devices, such as the TVs and smartphones mentioned above, comprise many electronic parts in addition to liquid crystal panels.
Futaba Chemical proposes the component materials used in the production of electronic parts such as substrates, chip parts, thereby contributing to the IT industry.

Main Products Related to Materials for Electronic Components

Products Related to Liquid Crystal Polarization Plates
Hard coat TAC films Staining agents for PVA film
Polyester films Adhesives
Protection films Polarizing films for sun glasses
Products Related to Electronic Parts
Adhesive film Pulverization/dispersion beads
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