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Business Domain

Chemical Products Business

Water Purification Business

To ensure a safe water supply, Futaba Chemical supplies a wide range of water purification products to public facilities, as well as privately operated leisure pool and hot bath facilities. In particular, we boast the highest performance in Japan for filter aids. To facilitate effective use of precious water resources, Futaba Chemical proposes optimum solutions for water quality issues.

Main Products Related to Water Purification

Activated carbon
Filter aids such as diatomite/pearlite/cellulose
Antiseptics such as chlorinated isocyanuric acid and sodium hypochlorite
Filter paper/filter

Air Purification Business

In order to contribute to environmental protection, Futaba Chemical is also deeply involved in the business related to air purification. From plant facilities related to infrastructure to even familiar scenes in everyday life, we provide absorbents as required to ensure that harmful substances are not discharged into the air, aiming to realize a clean environment that protects the living environment.

Products Related to Air Purification

Activated carbon Honeycomb filters
Slaked lime Zeolite

Food-related Business

In the fields of food and drink —which humans need in order to live—Futaba Chemical supplies various materials. In addition, we are developing different uses for used food products, as well as supplying the oil-recycling agent MIZUKALIFE to large supermarket and restaurant chains, thereby contributing to the reduction of costs in addition to helping the environment. By playing a part in food recycling, Futaba Chemical aims to contribute to the creation of a recycling society.

Main Products Related to Food

Oil recycling agents (MIZUKALIFE) Activated white earth

Pet Care Business

Nowadays dogs, cats, and other pets play an important role in people’s lives as family members or partners.
For pets, who help and soothe people, Futaba Chemical provides customers with safe and reliable toiletry and pet food products.
Through the sale of pet-care-related products, we are contributing to the realization of a society where people are able to lead spiritually enriched lives.

Main Products Related to Pet Care

High water absorption resin Dried okara (soybean pulp) products
Binders Dried tea leaf products
DHA/EPA (oil products) Grain products
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